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GME Application Instructions

Graduate Medical Education applications are submitted through the Medical Operational Data System website. However, MODS will not be accessible from computers that are not on the military network. Therefore, applicants, Medical School Officials and non-military Letter Writers won't be able to access MODS via personal or school computers.

For applicants in medical school, in a deferred or re-deferred status, or in a civilian sponsored status, a fillable PDF application is available below. This fillable PDF application and a PDF of your CV may be submitted to the Physician Education Branch organizational email. Handwritten and late applications will not be accepted. These applications will then be transcribed line by line into MODS by Physician Education program managers.

If applicants have access to a computer on the military network between July 1 through August 31, 2023 (e.g., during an ADT), they're encouraged to submit their application and CV through MODS. Medical School Officials and non-military Letter Writers may submit LORs, transcripts, licensing exam scores and MSPEs via the Physician Education Branch organizational email.

All eligible applicants to the 2023 JGMESB will be considered for GME. The Board process will take all unique circumstances into consideration

Application Documents

Additional Application Documents

  1. GME Application & Curriculum Vitae
  2. Reserve Component Health Risk Assessment (see Other Resources below)
  3. Program Director/Consultant Interview (uploaded by program director or consultant)
  4. Statement of Understanding (see Other Resources below)
  5. Personal Essay
  6. Medical Student Performance Evaluation
  7. Medical School Transcript
  8. USMLE/COMLEX Transcript
  9. Step/Level 3 Intention Form (intern applicants only; see Other Resources below)
  10. Unrestricted Medical License
  11. Board Certification
  12. Commander's Letter of Endorsement (staff applicants only)
  13. DEROS Letter of Intention (overseas applicants only; see Other Resources below)
  14. Personal Letters of Recommendation
  15. Program Director Recommendation Form (from every current/previously attended program)
  16. OPRs/TRs (active duty applicants only)
  17. Fitness Statement or Weight Statement (see Other Resources below)
  18. PGY1 Only Form (medical students only)
  19. Education Summary (medical students only)
  20. AF Form 4380 (HPSP, FAP and deferred applicants only)

Other Resources

Contact Us

Physician Education Branch address:
550 C Street West, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas 78150-4727

Toll Free: 833-876-5701
Commercial: 210-565-2638
DSN: 665-2638

Email: AFPC / DPMNP Physician Education

GME Program Managers (assisting customers by last name):