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Air Force Medical Command

The Air Force Medical Service is restructuring to advance Airmen and Guardians' health and readiness. With the approval of the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force to develop an Air Force Medical Command, the move provides better support and advocacy for Department of the Air Force priorities in partnership with the Military Health System and Defense Health Agency.

This will be accomplished through the standup of AFMEDCOM headquarters; two medical readiness commands, MRC Alpha and MRC Bravo; and, seven medical wings to support medical units at the installation level.

AFMEDCOM will be overseen by the Air Force Surgeon General to better support Air Force and Space Force priorities while integrating the DHA authorities for health care operations in military treatment facilities at DAF installations.


AFMEDCOM’s goal is to provide operational medical capability through appropriate organizing, training, and equipping of medical forces to be organic components of our warfighting force elements. The organization will help ensure Airmen and Guardians, and their families, receive timely and quality medical care, whether stationed in large or small DHA markets. It will also meet DHA commitments to serve the larger beneficiary population.

Readiness requirements within DAF to operate in a complex, contested environment, coupled with the Congressionally-mandated assumption of authority, direction, and control over health care delivery by the DHA, required change. Establishing AFMEDCOM assures effective support to readiness and installation missions, while also balancing with the pursuit of efficiency in health care delivery.


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AFMEDCOM address:
Defense Health Headquarters
7700 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, Virginia 22042-5101