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Medical Civilian Corps

In May 2015, the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General directed the establishment of a Medical Civilian Corps within the Air Force Medical Service on par with the officer corps and enlisted force.

The AFMS Medical Civilian Corps helps the Air Force maintain its readiness to be the best fighting force in the world. With more than 170,000 members, Air Force civilians work side-by-side with Airmen to support the Air Force mission in air and space.

For more information, please access DAFMAN 36-142, Civilian Career Field Management and Centrally-Managed Programs and DAFI 36-2670, Total Force Development.

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Attn: Medical Civilian Corps
Office of the U.S Air Force Surgeon General address:
7700 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, Virginia 22042-5101

Email: Medical Civilian Corps

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Corps Chief

Stephen M. Mounts
Senior Executive Service and Associate Deputy Surgeon General