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The Vision of Trusted Care

The Air Force Medical Service is a continuous learning and improving organization that partners with patients and families in a single-minded focus on safety and Zero Harm.

  • Our Beginning

    In 2014, the Military Health System and its civilian partners embarked on a mission to evaluate its healthcare system to ensure the best care was being delivered to all its patients.

  • Our Foundation

    Following research and the studying of leading practices in the civilian sector, the Air Force Medical Service became focused on a achieving a better healthcare system. Trusted Care is how the Air Force Medical System is approaching high reliability.

  • Our Solution

    Trusted Care is working to continually improve the culture of safety and reliability within the Air Force Medical Service. Through the efforts of Trusted Care, our medical force is continues to focus on Excellence in All We Do.

The Four Key Domains of Trusted Care

Air Force Medical Service adopted Four Domains of Change for focusing Trusted Care efforts on high reliability transformation. Air Force Medical Service adopted the Domains of Leadership Engagement, Continuous Process Improvement and Culture of Safety from industry leading practices, and added Patient Centeredness to reflect the longstanding Air Force Medical Service commitment of placing patients and families first.

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    Leadership Engagement

    Develop Trusted Care leaders at all levels in the Air Force Medical Service who are trained, experienced and equipped to enable a highly reliable organization. Have a clear and constant emphasis on safety and accountability and create a culture where staff of all levels feel empowered to speak up for safety.

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    Culture of Safety

    Put the health and safety of others first. Trust in leadership and in staff, willingness to admit error and identify unsafe conditions, respectful communication and the belief that safe care is everyone’s duty.

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    Continuous Process Improvement

    See the operational environment as a system of care that can be studied to effect positive change, eliminate gaps and reduce waste. Every Airmen, Every Day, A Problem Solver.

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    Patient Centeredness

    Communicate clearly and maximize value to the patient, empower patients as partners in ensuring safe care, and consistently display empathy, transparency and humility in patient interactions. Ensure patient values guide all clinical decisions.

The Nine Principles of Trusted Care

The Air Force Medical Service adopted Nine Principles to promote a culture committed to achieving Zero Harm. These principles serve as actionable extensions from our Air Force Core Values.

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    Zero Harm

    Eliminate harm through improved efficiency and mission readiness.

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    Respect for People

    Respect your colleagues, your patients and their families.

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    Duty to Speak Up

    Identify unsafe potential errors that may lead to harm.

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    Commitment to Resilience

    Quickly cope with adverse events and bounce back stronger.

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    Maximize Value to the Patient

    Involve your patient in discussion to improve the system.

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    Focus on the Front Line and the People Who Do the Work

    Empower your colleagues to identify potential system failures.

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    Constancy of Purpose

    Unite in a shared vision of safety and Zero Harm.

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    Every Airman, Every Day, a Problem Solver

    Constantly find ways to identify areas that can be improved.

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    Systems Thinking

    Build and leverage connections to solve problems.

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