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The Vision of Trusted Care

The Air Force Medical Service is a continuous learning and improving organization that partners with patients and families in a single-minded focus on safety and Zero Harm.

  • Our Beginning

    In 2014, the Military Health System and its civilian partners embarked on a mission to evaluate its health care system to ensure the best care was being delivered to all its patients.

  • Our Foundation

    Following research and the studying of leading practices in the civilian sector, the Air Force Medical Service became focused on a achieving a better health care system. Trusted Care is how the Air Force Medical System is approaching high reliability.

  • Our Solution

    Trusted Care is working to continually improve the culture of safety and reliability within the Air Force Medical Service. Through the efforts of Trusted Care, our medical force continues to focus on Excellence in All We Do.

The Four Key Domains of Trusted Care

Trusted Care consists of four domains of change for establishing a culture committed to achieving Zero Harm.

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    Leadership Commitment

    Becoming a learning organization with leadership as the key champion and driver.

  • Graphic of an icon of a shield

    Culture of Safety

    Fostering a culture with a single-minded focus on Safety and Zero Harm.

  • Graphic of an icon of a gear spinning in motion

    Continuous Process Improvement

    Maximizing efficiency and eliminating potential harm through continuous improvement.

  • Graphic of an icon of an individual standing in the center

    Patient Centeredness

    Partnering with our patients and families to guide all clinical decisions and enable trust.

The Seven Principles of Trusted Care

The Air Force Medical Service adopted Seven Principles to promote a culture committed to achieving Zero Harm. These principles serve as actionable extensions from our Air Force Core Values.

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    Preoccupation with Failure

    Anticipate risk and find solutions.

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      Reluctance to Simplify

      Strive to understand complexities and address root causes.

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        Sensitivity to Operations

        Be mindful of how processes and people impact outcomes.

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          Commitment to Resilience

          Learn and recover from past mistakes.

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            Deference to Expertise

            Leverage those with the right knowledge and experience.

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              Respect for People

              Foster mutual trust and respect.

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                Constancy of Purpose

                Persist through adversity towards a common goal.

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Graphic of Ready Reliable Care Logo

As the Defense Health Agency takes over management of U.S. Air Force military treatment facilities, they will also be developing and executing a high reliability journey through the brand name, Ready Reliable Care.

High reliability activities and processes will continue as the Air Force partners with the DHA in our handoff of HRO activities for the MTFs they manage. The AFMS will continue the Trusted Care journey for our readiness mission.