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The Department of Defense works through Global Health Engagement to build partnerships with other nations to strengthen security cooperation and partner capacity through health-related activities and exchanges. AFMS Global Health Engagement efforts strive to promote:

  • Force Readiness: Global health engagements improve capacity and capability of the United States and partner nations, enabling our military to deploy fully capable with the fewest resources necessary.
  • Interoperability: Global health engagements enable International Health Specialists to improve interoperability with partner nations, ensuring mutual benefit from partnerships during contingency operations.
  • Proactive Stability: Maintaining a state of preparedness bolsters communities’ resilience and confidence in partner nation governance.
  • Gateway to Cooperation: Medical cooperation, through structure health engagements, build trust, gain and maintain access to strategic areas of interest.

Global Health Engagement Assets

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International Health Specialists have cross-cultural competencies, enabling them to forge working relationships with partner nations. For operational and strategic-level planning and coordination, teams are located at U.S. Air Force Air Component Commands and Department of Defense Geographic Combatant Commands.


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The USAF School of Aerospace Medicine courses are open to international military students, with the Advanced Aerospace Medicine for International Medical Officers course serving as its premier program.


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The Defense Institute for Medical Operations is a U.S. Air Force institution that facilitates professional development, instruction and exchange among partner nations, with the goal of promoting military relevant global health capabilities.


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The Uniformed Services University Health Sciences and the Air Force Medical Service sponsor officers to participate in advanced academic degree programs, preparing them to support and lead global health engagements.

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