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Biomedical Sciences Corps

The Biomedical Sciences Corps’ roots date back to 1917 when the Sanitary Corps was established to combat infectious diseases. The Army Medical Administrative Corps followed three years later. In 1949, the Air Force Medical Service was officially established.

The Air Force Medical Service continued to expand over the next two decades and in 1965, the Biomedical Sciences Corps was born. Over the past 58 years, the BSC has continued to expand its range of personnel to include a wide variety of medically trained professionals.

BSC is one of the most diverse corps in the Air Force Medical Service, with more than 2,400 officers, 5,800 enlisted members, and 1,000 civilians covering 13 distinct professions under one banner.

Mission: Deliver Optimized Human Performance and Health ... Anytime, Anywhere!

Vision: An Unbeatable Team, United and Ready to Win!

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Interested in Health Care?

Learn how the Air Force seeks to add the best health care professionals to our team.

Health Care Careers

Learn more about a wide array of educational and career-broadening opportunities.

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Contact Us

HQ USAF / SG1A address:
7700 Arlington Blvd, Suite 5157, Falls Church, Virginia 22042-5101

Email: Biomedical Sciences Corps

Telephone: 703-681-6895

DSN: 761-6895

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