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Instructions for Medical Schools

MSPE/Deans Letter, Medical School Transcripts, Letter of Recommendation -- MODS Uploading Guidance

*** Due to issues with the servers that MODS resides on, Medical School Officials and non-military letter writers will not have access to upload documents to MODS until after 31 August 2019. Alternatively, Letters of Recommendation, transcripts, and MSPEs can be submitted to the Air Force Physician Education's organizational email (AFPC.DP2NP.PhysicianEducation@us.af.mil). ***

Army, Navy, and Air Force contact information for Medical School Officials - Tri-Service Contact Information 

Medical School Officials cannot upload MSPE/Dean's Letter, Transcripts and Letters of Recommendations into MODS at this time.

Letter of Recommendation Writers cannot upload the Letters of Recommendation into MODS at this time.

If you are on the military network and have created a password in the past, you should not need to create a new one.

Log into the MODS Website to "REQUEST A LOGONID" and request "Medical School Official" or "Letter Writer" access.


Once approval has been granted, you may search for the medical student to upload the documents listed above.

Questions regarding this process can be referred to AFPC.DP2NP.PhysicianEducation@us.af.mil or 210-565-2638.


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