Air Force Medicine


Physician Education
550 C St West
JBSA-Randolph TX 78150-4727

Toll Free: 1-833-876-5701
COMM: 210-565-2638
DSN: 665-2638


Col Michael Forgione

Deputy Chief
Mr. David Zemkosky

GME Program Managers
*Assisting customers by last name:

Ms Andrea Zabawczuk (A-C)
MSgt Zach Mleko (D-P)
SSgt Allyson Terrell (D-P)
Mr. Matthew Kush (Q-Z)

Physician Education Branch

The goals and objectives of the Physician Education office are to manage all physician undergraduate and graduate programs sponsored by the Air Force. This involves monitoring the training progress of all allopathic & osteopathic students (HPSP and USUHS Programs) as well as residents and fellows in active duty and deferred programs. Physician Education reviews and processes all applications for graduate medical education. Physician Education organizes and conducts the Air Force's annual Joint Service Graduate Medical Education Selection Board (JSGMESB) and administers the Air Force continuing medical education (CME) program for the Office of the Surgeon General, to provide continuing medical education through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Important Reminders:

Step/level 3:
Pass by March 30 of PGY1

Unrestricted state medical license (not training):
Apply by June 1 of PGY1

State Licensure Requirements (per FSMB)


  • Reminder: All JSGMESB applicants will load their own application documents into the Medical Operational Data System (MODS) website. If you do not already have a MODS account, you will need to "Request A Logonid" on the MODS website (; if you have a CAC, you will be able to use your CAC to login and create an account. This year, no documents will be mailed to the Physician Education Branch at AFPC.
  • Once applications and supporting documents are uploaded, applicants will receive an updated email checklist regarding the status of their application
  • The only documents applicants are authorized to provide to an active duty program director or consultant, for the official interview, are the 2-page DoD application and Curriculum Vitae. No other documents may be requested or submitted.