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  • REMINDER: All JSGMESB applicants will load their own application documents into the Medical Operational Data System (MODS) website. If you do not already have a MODS account, you will need to "REQUEST A LOGONID" on the MODS website (; if you have a CAC, you will be able to use your CAC to login and create an account. This year, no documents will be mailed to the Physician Education Branch at AFPC.
  • Once applications and supporting documents are uploaded, applicants will receive an updated email checklist regarding the status of their application
  • The only documents applicants are authorized to provide to an active duty program director or consultant, for the official interview, are the 2-page DoD application and Curriculum Vitae. No other documents may be requested or submitted.

Physician Education Branch

USAF Medical Service

The goals and objectives of the Physician Education office are to manage all physician undergraduate and graduate programs sponsored by the Air Force. This involves monitoring the training progress of all allopathic & osteopathic students (HPSP and USUHS Programs) as well as residents and fellows in active duty and deferred programs. Physician Education reviews and processes all applications for graduate medical education. Physician Education organizes and conducts the Air Force's annual Joint Service Graduate Medical Education Selection Board (JSGMESB) and administers the Air Force continuing medical education (CME) program for the Office of the Surgeon General, to provide continuing medical education through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

  • Medical School Scholarships

    Medical School Scholarship (HPSP & USUHS)

    HPSP Fact Sheet -- click here

    Applicant eligibility requirements can be found in AFI 41-110

    ** NOTE: All active duty and AFROTC applicants must be approved by SAF and AFPC/DP2STM or AFPC/DP2LT to apply for a medical scholarship no later than the 1st week of January of the application year.

    Letter of Approval template -- click here


    If you are interested in applying for a medical school scholarship and are currently:

    1) Active Duty: (line officer or enlisted) -- click here

    2) AF Academy cadet -- click here

    3) AFROTC cadet interested in pursuing an AFROTC pre-health scholarship -- click here  ** If you have further questions about AFROTC pre-health scholarships, please see the AFROTC website ( or call 1-866-423-7682.

    4) AFROTC cadet granted educational delay to pursue scholarship funding for medical school -- click here

    5) AFROTC cadet not previously approved for educational delay or pre-health scholarship -- click here

    6) Civilian (non-obligated) -- contact your local Health Professions Recruiter

    7) Air Force Reserve officers -- contact your local Health Professions Recruiter


    If you are currently Active Duty Enlisted, and interested in the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2):

          -- For general information on the EMDP2 click here 

          -- To learn more about the EMDP2 at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) click here 


    If you are interested in entering USUHS, click here for their website and information:  USUHS

    Additional USUHS matriculation data can be found at this USUHS website.


    For more information, email your questions to AFPC.DP2NP.PhysicianEducation@US.AF.MIL

    • Please read the eligibility criteria for civilian applicants to the Air Force GME selection board: click here