Air Force Medicine
  • Daily Stats
    In one day, AFMS will have:
    • 25,049 Outpatient Visits
    • 130 Surgery Procedures
    • 234 Inpatient
    • 24 Babies Delivered
    • 134 Inpatient Admissions
    • 59,274 Prescriptions Filled
    • 43,718 Lab Procedures
    • 6,998 Radiology Procedures
    • 5,967 Dental Encounters
  • Personnel Stats
    Total Force Personnel
    Active duty 30,263
    Reserve/Guard 15,265
    Civilians 7,095
    Contractors 4,358
    Total 56,981

    As of EOM Aug, 2016

    Deployed Operations
    AF Medics deployed 724
    Countries/Locations 19/38
    CENTCOM patients moved 321.4K

    From September 2001 to July 2016

    Homestation Operations
    Eligible Beneficiaries 2.56 million
    Visits 6.26 million
    Admissions 49K/year

“Trusted Care, Anywhere” is the mantra of the Air Force Medical Service. Our priorities align with Air Force priorities to ensure mission success. We embrace our heritage of innovation and relentlessly pursue advances to enhance safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of care we deliver to beneficiaries and support we provide to Combatant Commanders.

The Air Force Medical Services supports the United States Air Force through the provision of full spectrum medical readiness to the 200,000 airmen currently engaged in operations around the world, and by delivering health care to 2.6 million patients though a system of 239 clinics at 76 installations worldwide.

Our mission is to ensure medically fit forces, provide expeditionary medics, and improve the health of all we serve to meet our Nation’s needs. Today, more than 700 medical Airmen are deployed in more than 30 nations, supporting warfighters in a variety of ongoing an emergent contingency operations.

The AFMS strives to provide reliable access to safe, quality care for all that we serve, promoting positive patient experiences and outcomes. To achieve this goal, we are committed to providing Trusted Care Anywhere, around the globe at every Air Force medical facility.