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DoD Human Research Protection Programs

Commanders or Directors of DoD organizations that support or conduct human research are required to establish a Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) (DoDI 3216.02, para 3.3.a.).

The HRPP is a system of interdependent elements that work together to ensure research is conducted ethically and in compliance with appropriate regulatory requirements. These actions protect participants in research studies associated with the DoD.

The DAF Component Office of Human Research Protections (COHRP) approves HRPPs for USAF and USSF organizations that conduct or support human research. There are two types of HRPP currently in use by the DAF:

  • The full HRPP is required for organizations that regularly (five (5) or more times per year) conduct or support human research, and for any organization that conducts non-Exempt human research
  • A Limited HRPP may be approved for organizations that rarely (less than five (5) times per year) support human research activities, or conduct Exempt human research studies

HRPP Templates

DoDI 3216.02_DAFI 40-402 provides detailed requirements for a full HRPP, and a template for the Limited HRPP.

Please coordinate with the DAF COHRP, especially when establishing a full HRPP, so that we can help ensure all of the necessary requirements for your institution are met. Contact the DAF COHRP directly for the Full HRPP Template used in establishing a program. The template for the Limited HRPP is found in DoDI 3216.02_DAFI 40-402 - no changes may be made to this template without approval from the DAF COHRP.  Additional guidance for limited HRPPs can be obtained from the DAF COHRP or the research review authority for a particular study.

DoD Assurances

A DoD Assurance for the Protection of Human Research Subjects is a commitment by an institution to comply with DoD, Federal and other applicable regulatory requirements when conducting non-exempt research with human subjects. The DAF Component Office of Human Research Protections approves new DoD Assurances and renews existing DoD Assurances for:

  • All DAF institutions (i.e. USAF and USAF), worldwide; and
  • Other components and activities, as negotiated or directed.

Note: Health Care and Medical Group institutions are generally covered under DoD Assurances approved by the Defense Health Agency

Approved DAF HRPPS and Assurances

The following DAF organizations have approved full HRPPs and DoD Assurances, where applicable. Personnel affiliated with these institutions should contact their HRPP Office directly for guidance on meeting DoD and DAF human research protection requirements:

Department of the Air Force Institutions DoD Assurance
Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio* F50002
U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo.* F50046
Air University, Maxwell AFB, Ala. F50436
Air Force Institute of Technology, Dayton, Ohio F50301

* Operates an Institutional Review Board for the review and oversight of non Exempt human research