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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Acronyms

Acronym Definitions
AFMEDCOM Air Force Medical Command
AFMRA Air Force Medical Readiness Agency
AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory
AIO Authorized Institutional Official
ASD(R&E) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
CLAR Component-Level Administrative Review
COHRP Component Office of Human Research Protections
CoC Certificate of Confidentiality
COR Contracting Officer Representative
DAF Department of the Air Force
DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DHA Defense Health Agency
DHHS Department of Health & Human Services
DoD Department of Defense
DOHRP DoD Office for Human Research Protections
EDO Exemption Determination Official
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FWA Federalwide Assurance
HPD Human Protections Director
HRP Human Research Protection
HRPO Human Research Protection Official
HRPP Human Research Protection Program
HSR Human Subject Research
IAIR Institutional Agreement for IRB Review
IIA Individual Investigator Agreement
IO Institutional Official
IRB Institutional Review Board
MERF Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Memorandum, Minimum Education Requirements for DAF Personnel Involved in Human Research Protection, August 16, 2012
OHRP Office for Human Research Protections
PI Principal Investigator
SAV Staff Assistance Visit
SGE-C USAF Research Oversight and Compliance Office
USD(R&E) Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering