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The DAF Component Office of Human Research Protections (COHRP) is authorized to provide certain reviews of human research activities. The DAF COHRP may provide Human Research Protection Official (HRPO) review of activities that are supported by the DAF, but conducted by non-DoD institutions.

In addition, the DAF COHRP may perform Exemption Determination Official (EDO) review of activities that are or might include human research that are conducted by a DAF institution, for determinations as to whether further review is required, and at what level. This includes authority to determine activities meet requirements for exemption from Institutional Review Board (IRB) review.

If you are affiliated with an institution that already has an Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) authorized to conduct these reviews, contact the human research protection personnel at your institution for further guidance.

Read on for more information about each type of review conducted by the DAF COHRP.

Human Research Protection Official Review

HRPO review is required for all activities that are or might include Human Subjects Research that are supported by a DoD institution. Support may include anything from providing funding to an institution that is actually carrying out the research (such as through a contract or similar arrangement), to providing direct resources, access to study subjects or their data, etc.

Most often these activities are reviewed and approved by an outside, non-DoD Institutional Review Board or other official. The HRPO review ensures DoD and DAF-specific requirements have been met in the approved research to be conducted.

Exemption Determination Official Review

Review by an EDO is required for activities that are or might include HSR, when conducted by a DAF investigator. Because an investigator cannot make determinations about their own activities, and EDO will make a formal determination as to whether the activity is or is not Research, includes the use of Human Subjects, and if the activity is HSR, whether the study meets any of the eight Exemption categories found at 32CFR219.104(d).

Unless the activity is non-Exempt HSR, a determination from the EDO is often sufficient to allow the activity to commence, once all other approvals have been secured.