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  • Resiliency as part of the healing process

    The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AFW2) kicked off its Northeast Region Warrior CARE Event at the National Harbor this morning, starting the week with a day of resiliency programs featuring music, yoga, journaling and improvisational comedy workshops.

  • Service members share ‘art’ of healing

    Service members, veterans and caregivers gathered to share their love of comedy, visual artistry, performance artistry, and share stories of how the arts saved their lives around the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Nov.16, 2017. “A Day of Healing Arts: From Clinic to Community" is an ongoing

  • Wounded Warrior Program goes beyond medical needs to provide support

    The Air Force Medical Service provides medical care for Airmen, but sometimes they need  more than healthcare to be whole again. The Air Force’s Wounded Warrior Program leaves medical care to the AFMS and provides an entirely different, but still essential, kind of support to seriously wounded or

  • Air Force continues to support wounded warriors

    When it comes to medical care, the Air Force Medical Service is intent on providing the best care for every Airman, regardless of their circumstances. Wounded Warriors are often unique in the sort of care they need, and that’s why the Air Force has a Wounded Warrior Program. The Wounded Warrior