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Involvement in decisions about your own healthcare and maintaining good communication with those who are providing that care are essential for a positive hospital experience. Here are a few tips and resources:

  • Learn the names of those taking care of you and what they are responsible for
  • Keep a list of your questions and important information you think your healthcare team should know
  • Let your doctors and staff know when you do not understand or cannot hear what they are saying to you
  • Ask a family member or friend to be with you during discussions about your treatment plan. This person can help by taking notes, listening and asking important questions.

Providing the best patient experience continues to be a number one priority with AFMS. Patients are randomly selected to take a telephone or mailed patient satisfaction survey to assist us in measuring our patients’ experience while in the hospital. Thank you for participating in this survey.

Air Force Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service


Seven Priorities:

 1. Provide a responsive consultant service to Air Force Dentists

 2. Test, evaluate and provide consultation on dental equipment and materials

 3. Maintain a responsive website with information on new products, alerts, and

 infection control, manage CE lectures for military members

 4. Review AF Dental Facility construction projects and equipment requests

 5. Support Master's Degree level research for Tri-service residency programs

 6. Collaborate with ADA and ISO on international dental standards

 7. Provide education support to federal dental residencies in material science


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