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Air Force Medicine

Form Completion Tips

(Currently AF Form 1540)
Time gaps of 30 days or more between periods of training, education, or employment, must be explained in the 'Remarks' section.  A statement must be made to document the activities and location of the provider during the period, to include vacation, relocation activities, etc

Applicants currently in training programs will be required to supply updated AF Form 1562s and Clinical Privilege Lists no more than 45 days prior to completion of a training program.

Air Force Centralized Credentials Verification Office


  • Standardizes and consolidates Primary Source Verification (PSV) activities
  • Ensures Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) receive properly completed PSV credentials packages
  • Coordinates Recruiting Service Accession and the MTF credentialing and privileging process

AFCCVO Mission
Support the Air Force Medical Service through dependable and objective review, primary source verification (PSV), and the documentation of credentials.

Required Air Force Credentialing and Privileging Documents

To access Master Privileging Lists, AF Instructions and Forms, Welcome Letters and more please click here.

Contacting the AFCCVO

Contact Information
AFCCVO in care of Decypher
200 Concord Plaza Dr. Suite 780
San Antonio Texas 78216


Phone - (210) 812-2170
FAX - (210) 519-2724