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Air Force Medical Operations Agency



The Air Force Medical Operations Agency sprang from the ashes of the former flight medicine department of the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) in 1992. Though it originally cared for operational matters under the direction of the AF/SG (Surgeon General) as a field-operating unit, as AFMS duties changed, so did those of the AFMOA. The AFMS moved to more of a proactive approach, managing population health rather than episodic care to improve the health and lives of Air Force members and their families. This in turn led to an increase in AFMOA responsibilities; the Agency expanded to optimizing medical resources, radiation protection, aerospace medicine, and clinical excellence, among other interests

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Implement SG policy, provide expertise needed for policy development, and precise application of resources to requirements

Support MAJCOM Surgeons by addressing healthcare resourcing and operations issues pertinent to their missions

Provide resources, coordinate best processes, data analysis, and clinical expertise for efficient patient-centered healthcare

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