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USAF Animal Use Appendix

Investigators submitting proposals that involve the use of animals must complete and submit the Animal Use Appendix to the SGE-C Animal Use Programs. To aid the investigator in the completion of the Animal Use Appendix, notes are provided delineating common findings that require additional information, justification, or clarification. If there are subcontractors using animals in the proposal, please see item 10 of the Animal Use Appendix.

The DoD Directive 3216.1, dated April 17, 1995, provides policy and requirements for the use of animals in DoD-funded research. The DoD definition of animal is any live nonhuman vertebrate. These requirements may differ from those of other funding agencies.

In order to conduct our review, investigators must submit a complete description of all animal studies. SGE-C Animal Use Programs will not review any protocols that have not already been approved by your IACUC.

If your IACUC-approved protocol(s) ONLY describe(s) animal studies funded by your DoD award or contract, submit the IACUC-approved version of your protocol(s) and a separate copy of the Animal Use Appendix abbreviated version for each protocol.

If your IACUC-approved protocol(s) describe any additional animal studies or experiments NOT funded by your DoD award or grant, submit the IACUC-approved version of your protocol(s) and a separate copy of the full version of Animal Use Appendix for each protocol. Be sure to specify which experiments in the protocol are funded by the award or contract.

If you have questions about what to submit, please contact our office. After review, a member of our staff will contact you requesting additional information or indicating that the animal work has been approved per your award. No animal studies may be conducted using DoD funds until SGE-C approval has been granted. Studies involving nonhuman primates, dogs, cats, or marine mammals will require a site visit by a DoD laboratory animal veterinarian.

Animal Use Appendix for Research Involving Animals - FULL VERSION

Animal Use Appendix for Research Involving Animals - ABBREVIATED VERSION

Questions concerning the Animal Use Appendix should be directed to AFMSA/SGE-C.