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  • Medical Materiel Airman orchestrates 27th SOMDG success

    Like stage managers orchestrating a production, members of the 27th Special Operations Medical Support Squadron work behind the scenes at the 27th Special Operations Medical Group to facilitate excellent care during every phase of patient treatment.The Air Force recruiting website, airforce.com, puts it in layman’s terms: You can’t bandage a wound
  • Airman gives the gift of life on Christmas

    "I didn't think what happened that day would have happened so quickly," said Michael Hamilton a local restaurant cook and incident victim. "If she hadn't been here, there would have been more questioning, more chaos and less stability."It was this past Christmas and the restaurant was near empty. Hamilton fell to the ground during his shift. The
  • Air Force Surgeon General visits Wright-Patterson

    Lt. Gen. Mark Ediger, Air Force Surgeon General, visited Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Jan. 13-14. As part of his visit, Lt. Gen. Ediger toured the Wright-Patterson Medical Center, where he received various briefings on hospital services and capabilities. He also held an All Call for hospital personnel and recognized several of them for their
  • The AFMS in the Persian Gulf War and the need for critical care

    January 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm, it also marks a turning point in Air Force Medical Service’s Critical Care Transport Teams (CCATT). “We were not serving the Army as well as we could have in the Air Force,” explained Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Paul K. Carlton, a former Air Force Surgeon General who had been working on the concept of
  • If it’s broke, physical therapy can mend it

    If an Airman is injured, staying in the fight could be difficult. The physical therapists here help members of the Wolf Pack recover from their injuries in an expedient manner so that they are ready to “Take the Fight North”, while also educating and give them the tools needed to prevent future injuries.A physical therapy technician’s job is to
  • First Enlistment of calendar year 2016 at 349th AMW:

    The 349th Air Mobility Wing Recruiting Squadron Flight logged their first enlistment of 2016 when Staff Sgt. Courtney Miller, 349th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron aerospace medical service apprentice, was sworn in by Lt. Col. Wil Link, 349th AMW process manager, Jan. 7, 2016. (U.S. Air Force photo by Ken Wright)
  • Medical Group first to find bacteria unseen in humans

    The 96th Medical Group's laboratory provided the first-ever human-blood sample of a spirochete bacteria, known to cause tick-borne relapsing fever to be cultured at the Centers for Disease Control.The bacteria, borrelia turicatae, had previously only been cultured in animals, according to Maj. (Dr.) Benjamin Stermole, Eglin's infectiologist.The
  • A New Year, New You: January's Health Month

    The new year is a perfect time to work on a new you. While people know that healthier eating, tobacco free living and physical exercise contribute to a better life, many do not know how to get started.Some of the best methods for achieving personal performance goals include goal setting, self-monitoring, and problem solving to reach goals based on
  • 2nd MDOS operates within the golden hour

    An ambulance speeds past, flashing its lights hoping that medical personnel on board can meet the deadline of the golden hour.