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What is Nutrition Kitchen?

Nutrition Kitchen is a series of online nutritional cooking classes geared toward service members and their families. The series aims to inspire healthier meal choices while providing viewers the science behind their choices to “level up” their nutrition knowledge.

Created by the Lifestyle and Performance Medicine working group, Nutrition Kitchen will introduce a resource requested by service members striving to optimize their health through lifestyle changes.

The recipes for this series were developed to be tasty, easy to prepare, and low cost all while providing the fuel necessary to “level up” ones’ health.

The Nutrition Kitchen series aims to make the sometimes difficult process of both selecting and cooking nutritious meals more engaging, approachable and fun. 

Image of Tech. Sgt. Opal Poullard, Chef, and Sahra Pak, Registered Dietician

Meet the Hosts

Each episode introduces different options to “level up” a classic meal, starting with simple ingredient substitutions and ending with a chef-curated recipe option, taught by Chef Tech. Sgt. Opal Poullard, culinary instructor at the Joint Culinary Center of Excellence at Fort Lee, Virginia.

Following each cooking episode, Sahra Pak, registered dietician at Travis Air Force Base, California, shares the science behind the nutritional choices made.

Nutrition Kitchen Episodes

The complete Nutrition Kitchen series is available at your fingertips, where you can watch and cook completely on your own time. New episodes are set to to release weekly and can also be found on the AFMS YouTube Nutrition Kitchen Playlist.

Episode 1: PB&J

Access the Recipe

Episode 2: Cereal

Access the Recipe

Episode 3: Pancakes

Access the Recipe

Episode 4: Tacos

Access the Recipe

Episode 5: Spaghetti

Access the Recipe

Episode 6: Pizza

Access the Recipe


What is Lifestyle & Performance Medicine?

Lifestyle and Performance Medicine is the military’s adaptation of the existing, evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine sub-specialty, which is one of the fastest growing sub-specialties in medicine. Lifestyle and Performance Medicine adds the tactical component of human performance optimization to sustain warfighter medical readiness.

With the goal of significantly improving performance and readiness of service members, especially active duty members.

The foundation of Lifestyle Medicine is built on six pillars that include - nutrition, sleep, physical activity, mental health/stress reduction, avoidance of risky substances, and building social connection.

The approach is a departure from the traditional way of treating patients by taking a holistic approach to care and addressing the root cause of health concerns. Care begins by addressing the patient’s personal health goals, identifying what is most important to the patient, and by developing a treatment plan that includes addressing the foundations of Lifestyle Medicine, which are nutrition, sleep, physical activity, mental health/stress reduction, avoidance of risky substances, and building social connection.

Providers across several medical specialties work in partnership with the patient and can include providers like primary care, dietitians, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, behavioral health specialists, as well as other specialty providers who have training in Lifestyle Medicine.

A new medical approach is being offered to Airmen and Guardians, which has shown to improve and sustain medical readiness and health by taking a more patient-driven, whole body approach to care.