ANZAC Day: A time for honoring partnerships

  • Published
  • By Kevin M. Hymel
  • Air Force Medical Service History Office
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) Day is a time to honor members and reflect on the long-lasting partnership between ANZAC and the Air Force Medical Service, which reaches back to the Korean war when ANZAC and AFMS members worked together as allies. Pictured above, Australian flight nurse Nathalie Oldham, on temporary duty with the U.S. Air Force Medical Service, checks on her American patients before departing Korea for American hospitals in Japan. Oldham, with the Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service, served with the AFMS for several months during the summer of 1952. During that time she observed many differences between the services, such as, unlike American flight nurses, the Australians did not receive flight pay and were not allowed to eat in the officer's mess. Oldham was also impressed with the Americans' larger medical aircraft and abundance of supplies. (U.S. Air Force photo)