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  • Remembering the Great Flood of 1993

    Responding to flood disasters is nothing new for the U.S. Air Force and the Mobility Air Forces in particular. However, 30 years ago this summer, the Illinois and Missouri region suffered one of the most devastating flood events in history: The Great Flood of 1993.

  • AE innovation at Remagen during WWII

    Aeromedical evacuations are a key component in modern warfare, but as Allies fought their way into Germany during World War II, U.S. service members explored innovative solutions to transport patients to field hospitals while reducing the logistical footprint.

  • A look back at the attack on the USS Cole

    On the morning of October 12, 2000, the USS Cole, a guided-missile destroyer, docked at the Port of Aden off the coast of Yemen for refueling. In a small boat, a suicide bomber approached the destroyer, detonated alongside, which left a 40 to 60-foot hold on the port side of the ship.

  • AFMS looks at role on National Vietnam War Veterans Day

    Each year on March 29 the nation honors the service and sacrifices of Vietnam War veterans for National Vietnam War Veterans Day. This date marks the day the last U.S. combat troops departed Vietnam, on March 29, 1973.

  • AFMS readiness and the Korean War

    Each year on July 27th we recognize National Korean War Armistice Day, which marks the anniversary of the day in 1953 when hostilities during the Korean War came to an end.

  • First Chief of the Nurse Corps

    Verena M. Zeller, the first chief of the Air Force Nurse Corps, was promoted to lieutenant colonel in April 1950. Zeller led the Nurse Corps during the Korean War, overseeing its growth and evolution into an organization focused on flight care.

  • ANZAC Day: A time for honoring partnerships

    Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) Day is a time to honor members and reflect on the long-lasting partnership between ANZAC and the Air Force Medical Service, which reaches back to the Korean war when ANZAC and AFMS members worked together as allies. Pictured above, Australian flight

  • Air Force Medicine during the Vietnam War

    By the height of the Vietnam War in the late 1960’s, the U.S. Air Force had 1,900 medics conducting medical operations in Southeast Asia. The steady aeromedical evacuation and in-theater care performed by the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) in Southeast Asia drove innovation and evolution in flight