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Use TRICARE Online Patient Portal

Paper work
  • Send a message to your healthcare provider.
  • Make, change, or cancel an appointment.
  • Review your lab and radiology results.
  • Refill your medications.

Secure Messaging Tips

  • NOT appropriate for medical emergencies and urgencies.
  • Be clear, detailed, and comprehensive. Upload attachments and pictures, as necessary.
  • If your message is intended for your healthcare provider, it will first be reviewed by an administrative staff member or nurse. Don't send a message that can only be understood by one person, like "Can you give me follow up on that problem we talked about last week?"
  • Understand the difference between a medication renewal versus a refill.
    • Medication renewal: No more refills left on your current prescription. Your provider will need to write a NEW prescription. Appropriate for secure messaging.
    • Medication refill: One or more refills remain on your current prescription. You can refill through TRICARE Online Patient Portal or by calling the pharmacy. Do NOT use secure messaging to request a refill.