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Image of a pregnant Airman holding her stomach

AF Pregnancy Profile

For active duty personnel, you’re required to go to Force Health Management within 24 hours of notification of your positive pregnancy test, for initiation of your pregnancy profile and Occupational Health Assessment. You’ll receive a memorandum from Force Health Management that will serve as a temporary profile until the Profile Reviewing Officer has validated your profile.

Your pregnancy profile outlines some requirements and limitations regarding your activities during your pregnancy, such as:

  • Maternity uniforms
  • Physical training, and
  • Convalescent leave

It’s your responsibility to notify your supervisor immediately after pregnancy is diagnosed. You will also need to make an appointment with Public Health to initiate a workplace evaluation for possible exposures that may be harmful to your baby and to determine if there are any work restrictions. Your supervisor, commander and Unit Deployment Manager will receive a copy of your pregnancy profile via e-mail immediately upon validation.

For more information about the pregnancy profile for all active duty personnel and eligible veterans, review pages 95-101 of Pregnancy and Childbirth (The Purple Book).