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Airmen running on a track.

Comprehensive Airman Fitness

The Air Force Health Promotion program promotes a “Culture of Health” that optimizes Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF). The Air Force supports building and maintaining a balanced lifestyle based on the pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF). Those pillars, or domains, include mental, physical, social, and spiritual.

  • Mental
    • Approach challenges with a positive mindset
    • Demonstrate self-control, stamina, and good character
    • One (1) or more hour of physical activity
    • Know when to seek and offer help
  • Physical
    • Develop healthy exercise and nutritional habits
    • Excel in activities requiring:
      • Fitness
      • Endurance
      • Strength
      • Flexibility
      • Body Composition
  • Social
    • Develop and maintain fulfilling personal relationships
    • Foster good communication
    • Exchange ideas, views, and experiences
  • Spiritual
    • Strengthen beliefs, principles, or values that sustain a sense of purpose and well-being
      • Worldview
      • Religious Beliefs
      • Sense of connection
      • Values, ethics, and morals