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EFMP-M is the process that documents and evaluates the medical and educational needs of family members in order to advise the families and AFPC on the appropriateness of family member travel.

In the Air Force, all families with one or more family member(s) with special needs must participate in the EFMP-M review process before any government-funded Permanent Change of Station travel is authorized. This applies to relocations within the continental U.S. (CONUS) or outside the continental U.S..

Additionally, the Air Force complies with DoDI 1315.19 and screens all family members requesting government-funded travel to an area OCONUS.

The EFMP-M office at the losing military treatment facility gathers and may forward documented family member needs to the gaining installation’s MTF or other review authority. This decision is made by the senior medical authorities at the sponsor’s assigned base, and is determined by the type of care that will likely be needed.

The EFMP-M office at the new location evaluated the needs in light of resources available and makes recommendations to the losing MTF, which then shares them with the family.

EFMP-M protects sensitive information while consulting with education authorities, TRICARE, host-nation resources, housing offices and others, as needed. Travel recommendations are submitted to the sponsor’s Military Personnel Section, where the final decisions are made regarding government-funded travel. Orders are processed based on AFI 36-3020, Family Member Travel, and other Air Force instructions.