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Command Sponsorship

Command sponsorship may be granted to families who complete the requirements of the FMRC process and who are recommended for travel OCONUS. Having command-sponsored status is extremely important to families leaving CONUS.

  • Without command sponsorship, family members may not have TRICARE Prime status, and may only have space-available access to MTFs and DoDDs schools.
  • Housing entitlements and base privileges may be limited, and the family must pay costs incurred to return to the U.S. and next duty station.

Sponsors are encouraged to seek legal and command advice before choosing to relocate family members OCONUS without command sponsorship.

AFI 36-2110, Assignments, Attachment 20, provides additional important information about command sponsorship of family members during OCONUS relocation.

Additionally, when family members are recommended not to travel with the sponsor to the projected assignment location, the sponsor has the option of requesting an EFMP reassignment or deferment through the virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF).

  • This process can take 4-6 weeks to complete.
  • This allows the HQ AFPC EFMP Reassignments Branch, located at Randolph AFB, the opportunity to find a location that meets both the AF manning requirement of the sponsor's career field, and the special needs of the family members.

AFI 36-2110, Attachment 25, Exceptional Family Member Program, provides more specific information about the EFMP reassignment program. Moreover, the vMPF provides more detailed instructions about the EFMP reassignment application process.

If sponsors have questions regarding the process, please contact the HQ AFPC Total Force Service Center at DSN: 665-5000/COMM: 210-565-0102; Toll-free: 800-565-0102