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MHS GENESIS integrates inpatient and outpatient solutions that connect medical and dental information across the continuum of care, from point of injury to the military treatment facility. This includes garrison, operational, and en route care, increasing efficiencies for beneficiaries and health care professionals.

MHS GENESIS provides a single health record for service members, veterans, and their families.

To learn more, please visit the MHS GENESIS page on health.mil.

Key capabilities and benefits

  • Monitors a beneficiary’s health status through greater population health data, tracking, and alerting capabilities
  • Improves the ability to monitor patient safety, outcomes, and operational and medical readiness
  • Improves data access and sharing of health information across the spectrum of military operations, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and civilian health care organizations
  • Increases accessibility of integrated, evidence-based health care delivery and decision-making
  • Provides an agile, responsive system, which supports the delivery of high quality health care to beneficiaries

Signing into MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website for 24/7 access to health information, including managing appointments and exchanging messages with health care professionals.

To access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

  • Go to the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal
  • Beneficiaries can log in using their DS Logon
  • Premium Access (Level 2) is required to view the health record
  • There is no additional fee for Premium Access

For questions about the DS Logon

  • Visit the MilConnect Website (Note: This site is restricted and requires a common access card; users without a common access card will receive a website error message)
  • Contact the Defense Manpower Data Center at 800-538-9552


  • When using a non-Department of Defense computer, you may receive an error message. Click “Proceed” or “Continue” to access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. Although you receive the error message, your MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is secure.
  • Please be aware that when a patient reverts to a military treatment facility not currently using MHS GENESIS, they must convert back to using the TRICARE Online Patient Portal.

Products and Resources

This fact sheet describes MHS GENESIS.

This brochure includes high-level information about MHS GENESIS capabilities, the patient portal and key benefits.

This postcard is for MHS GENESIS locations to provide to beneficiaries as introductory information.

This is the poster for MHS GENESIS.

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal
This is the poster for MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Brochure
This is the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Brochure, which describes what the Patient Portal is and how to access it.

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Fact Sheet
This fact sheet describes MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

MHS GENESIS Cybersecurity Fact Sheet
This fact sheet describes the MHS GENESIS Cybersecurity transformation.