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Biomedical Sciences Corps (BSC) Credentialing

BSCs Entering Active Duty or Returning From Training Status
United States Air Force Biomedical Sciences Corps

Welcome to the USAF Biomedical Sciences Corps! Below, you will find the specialty privilege list pertaining to the professional specialty you have chosen to pursue for your career. Civilian training graduates should refer to the Clinical Privilege List Instructions, not the instructions on the forms themselves, to ensure expedient processing and to keep the forms from being returned for corrections.

You will need to have completed the form(s) listed for your specialty below in conjunction with DHA Form 367. You will be required to submit two completed and signed DHA Form 367s (one from your program director/dean and one from a senior level staff/instructor).

The forms should not be completed more than 45 days prior to graduation. They can be submitted to the DHACCVO via mail, fax, or email. Send information and forms as they are completed.

Completion of these documents will expedite the credentialing process and your ability to provide patient care. This will ensure a smoother transition to your gaining medical facility.

Form Completion Tips

(Currently AF Form 1540)

Time gaps of 30 days or more between periods of training, education, or employment must be explained in the "Remarks" section. A statement must be made to document the activities and location of the provider during the period, to include vacation, relocation activities, etc.

Applicants currently in training programs are required to supply updated DHA Form 367 and Clinical Privilege Lists no more than 45 days prior to completion of a training program.