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  • Trusted Care everywhere is not going anywhere

    As the Defense Health Agency assumes authority, direction and control of military treatment facilities, the Air Force Medical Service will remain steadfast on its Trusted Care journey towards higher reliability and Zero Harm.

  • 5:1 feedback improves medical care

    Criticism can be a bitter but necessary pill to swallow for medical Airmen. Because patient safety is top priority, Air Force medical groups use a 5:1 feedback ratio. The 5:1 feedback ratio is an important Trusted Care tool, emphasizing respectful teamwork among healthcare providers.

  • Nerve Scrambler Therapy lessens pain for warfighters, TRICARE patients

    At first glance, Nerve Scrambler Therapy is a name that some might confuse with an experimental, avant-garde rock band from the 1970s. Think The Velvet Underground, Electric Light Orchestra or Grand Funk Railroad.In reality, NST is one of the 79th Medical Wing’s most cutting edge methods, or