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Register your child in Secure Messaging during Military Child Health Month

  • Published
  • By Peter Holstein
  • Air Force Medical Service Public Affairs

Worrying about the health of your child can be a significant source of stress for working parents. One way parents can improve communication with their children’s medical team during Military Child Health Month is by enrolling them in TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging.


Secure Messaging allows for safe, electronic communication between patients and their healthcare providers, and lets patients make appointments, request prescription renewals and view lab results. When patients make good use of Secure Messaging, it can even prevent some trips to the doctor, keeping parents at work and the kids in school.

A parent must have their own active Secure Messaging account before they can register their child. This can be done in the parent’s Secure Messaging accounts in the "Your Providers" section by going to the "Add Family Member" option. Parents then complete the information about their children. Once all children are entered, click "I'm Finished Adding Patients."

Parents can also link each child to their Medical Home or Primary Care Manager by choosing the child in the "Your Providers" section and clicking, "Add Provider or Facility" for that child. Search for the provider or facility using the name and zip code search fields and select the appropriate choice for each child. A notification of the connection should arrive by e-mail within three business days. Logging into Secure Messaging will show a message for each child indicating a connection with their PCM.

Once a child's account is activated, parents will be able to communicate with their child's healthcare team and receive notices about issues relevant to their children. Parents or guardians who are not eligible for care at a military treatment facility, but who are the custodial parent of children who are eligible to participate in Secure Messaging, should contact 1-866-RELAYME (1-866-735-2963) for instructions on how to enroll their children in Secure Messaging.

Air Force and other military health system patients can sign up for Secure Messaging by going to and clicking "Register" and completing the required information. Beneficiaries may also call their local clinic for over-the phone registration.

For additional information, visit the Air Force Medical Service webpage on Secure Messaging at