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International Health Specialists

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The International Health Specialist Program, established in 2000 by former Air Force Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Paul K Carlton Jr., extends the operational reach of the Joint Forces. This cadre of health professionals bring diversified international skills and knowledge of military and civilian health disciplines to full time advisor roles within Combatant Commands, Major Commands and Air Force Component Commands in support of Global Health Engagement strategies.

There are more than 300 Air Force International Health Specialists at military treatment facilities around the globe, ready to respond to global health engagement assignments, humanitarian assistance operations and major disasters.

Vision: To be the DoD’s go-to global health resource.

Mission: To optimally shape conditions through health-related opportunities that align with the National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy, and National Military Strategy as expressed in CCMD campaign plans throughout all phases of conflict.

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Telephone: 703-681-8128

DSN: 312-761-8128

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Celebrating 20 years of IHS

The International Health Specialist Program has led global health engagements for the past 20 years. The capabilities developed during these engagements continue to be utilized in real world scenarios.

Please view the videos below for more information.

Medical IRT Cass Lake, MN
133rd Airlift Wing
Video by Staff Sgt. Bristol Evasco
July 13, 2017 | 0:52
Airmen from the 133rd Airlift Wing partner with various Air Force Reserve components and the 148th Fighter Wing to provide no cost medical services to the local communities of Cass Lake, MN in a two week long innovative readiness training exercise.
Standup: USAF SSgt Bristol Evasco. Interviews (in order): Lt. Col. Linn, Airman Abdi