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TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging

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The TRICARE Online Patient Portal Secure Messaging portal allows patients to communicate safely, securely and conveniently with their Air Force providers. Secure Messaging can be especially valuable for patients and providers at specialty clinics, to lower the barriers to communications and reduce the stress of getting care. (U.S. Air Force graphic) Secure Messaging makes communicating with your Air Force doctor simple
In today’s connected world, we expect most communication to be convenient and instantaneous. Why should communicating with your health provider be any different? That is why the Air Force Medical Service offers a secure messaging platform for patients and families to communicate safely and quickly with their providers.
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Secure Messaging_Sign Up Kids.png Register your child in Secure Messaging during Military Child Health Month
Worrying about the health of your child can be a significant source of stress for working parents. One way parents can improve communication with their children’s medical team during Military Child Health Month is by enrolling them in TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging. Secure Messaging allows for safe, electronic communication between patients
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MiCare is now Patient Portal: Secure Messaging MiCare becomes TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging
The Air Force MiCare system that lets patients at Air Force hospitals and clinics communicate securely with their health providers is getting a new name. The system is now called TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging, the same name used by the Army and Navy. This is intended to minimize confusion for Military Health System patients who move between
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Default Air Force Logo Secure Messaging streamlines
Long lines, paperwork, waiting in a room to wait in another smaller room, all to ask a simple question about health -- there must be an easier way.Fortunately, there is.MiCare mitigates the process through easy access to a healthcare professional on the internet.Secure messaging is available to patients through a website called MiCare Portal."The
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