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Sponsors not previously Q-coded will be provided an AF Form 4380, Special Needs Screener, when notified of a prospective assignment.

  • It is important that sponsors accurately report needs of family members on this form in a timely manner to allow the full review of any potential health or special education conditions by the military treatment facility at the sponsor’s current base.
  • Submitting this form early in the relocation process helps to expedite the issuance of orders.

When a Q-coded sponsor is identified for reassignment, or when any active duty Air Force family is projected for OCONUS relocation, the Family Member Relocation Clearance process is initiated as soon as possible after the projected assignment notification.

  • The sponsor must complete AF Form 1466, Request for Family Member’s Medical and Educational Clearance for Travel.
  • The sponsor lists all family members, specifying which are requesting accompanied travel and which are not.
  • The sponsor is also required to report any known conditions on AF Form 1466.

Failure to report known conditions before relocation may result in subsequent administrative action and/or Early Return of Dependents, so it is important for the Airman or Guardian to carefully consider family members’ needs when completing AF Form 4380 and AF Form 1466.

The FMRC Coordinator at the MTF Exceptional Family Member Program-Medical office reviews these forms and advises sponsors and families about any additional documentation needed to authorize travel. The FMRCC can also advise on procedures when sponsors and family members are geographically separated.

  • The review authority ensures all available services meet U.S. standards for medical care and all Federal laws pertaining to special education entitlements.
  • AF EFMP-M will not recommend travel for family members OCONUS where services do not exist to meet Department of Defense and Air Force standards, or to any location where obtaining the needed services would incur excessive costs or hardships on families.