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Exceptional Family Member Program-Medical Objectives

  • To assess, document and transmit information about special education and medical needs of all family members planning to move at the government’s expense. These needs include specialized medical care, medications, equipment, or any early intervention or related services required or recommended for a child, typically specified on an Individualized Family Service Plan or Individual Education Program.
  • To enhance facility and program accessibility for individuals with disabilities or other medical requirements.
  • To assist Air Force Personnel Center in assigning sponsors to areas where family members’ medical and/or special education needs can be accommodated, provided there are valid manning requirements for the Airman or Guardian's grades and specialties.
  • To enable Air Force civilians to inform Department of Defense Dependent Schools of the arrival of dependent children with special education and related service needs after they have been selected for a position OCONUS. More information about how the DoD implements Federal special education law may be found in DoDI 1342.12, Provision of Early Intervention and Special Education Services to Eligible Dependents.
  • To advise civilians, Reservists and others about potential limitations in available medical care in locations OCONUS.
  • To protect family members’ Federal entitlements, benefits and medical safety through government-sponsored relocation around the world.