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Department of Defense Civilian Services

While civilian sponsors are not enrolled in Exceptional Family Member Program, the Family Member Relocation Clearance process is offered to Department of Defense civilians considering accompanied employment overseas. DoDI 1315.19 specifies DoD civilians may disclose the presence of family members with special needs before being relocated overseas at the government’s expense.

  • Once special needs are disclosed, the FMRC process is available upon request to review the existing conditions and resources and to provide the family with information to assist relocation planning.
  • The EFMP-Medical office uses the same forms and procedures to review medical and educational needs, but only provides information back to the family before travel.
  • EFMP-M does not make any travel recommendations for DoD civilians, as the decision to move family members with special needs remains with the employee.

Employees should confirm that the necessary health insurance is in place to cover any costs of medical services before relocation overseas, and that the coverage extends to the intended location.