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Medical Service Corps

Medical Service Corps SealMedical Service Corps (MSC) officers are professional healthcare administrators and executives who play a critical role leading and managing one of the nation’s largest, most diverse healthcare systems. There are approximately 1,000 officers in the Medical Service Corps serving in a variety of roles.


  • Medical Group Commanders or Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
  • Medical Group Administrators or MTF Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
  • Headquarters & MAJCOM Staff / Corporate Office Directors
  • Group Practice Management Officers
  • Health Plans Management / Patient Administration Officers
  • Medical Information Mgt / Information Technology / (IM/IT) Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Medical Logistics and Health Facilities Officers
  • Medical Readiness Officers
  • Resource Management and Personnel Management / Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Within these roles, we support the three interrelated missions of the Air Force, the Military Health System, and the Air Force Medical Service. The Air Force mission is “to Fly, Fight, and Win… in air, space, and cyberspace,” and the Military Health System mission is to "enhance DoD and our Nation’s security by providing health support for the full range of military operations and sustaining health of all those entrusted to our care.” Furthermore, the Air Force Medical Service mission is to “ensure medically fit forces, provide expeditionary medics, and improve the health of all we serve to meet our Nation’s needs."

Lead the Air Force with professional healthcare administrators delivering the full spectrum of patient-centered services.

Premier patient-centered service through innovation and inspirational leadership.


  1. Support the AFMS Vision
  2. Increase interoperability in the Corps
  3. Grow successful leaders