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Training and Education

Per DoDI 3216.02_AFI 40-402, Encl 3, Para 5, "Education and Training," all DoD personnel involved in the conduct, review, or approval of research involving human subjects, including the non-affiliated and prisoner representative members on the DoD Institutional Review Board (IRB), receive initial and continuing education and training in compliance with the standards set forth by ASD(R&E).

USAF policy is to accept from any engaged DoD institution any Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) training certificate documenting compliance with standards set forth by ASD(R&E); duplicate local HRPP training shall not be required (DoDI 3216.02_AFI 40-402, Encl 3, Para 5).

SGE-C provides training on the following topics:

  • Human Research Protection Official (HRPO)
  • Exempt Determination Official (EDO)
  • Human Research Protection Program Basics Course

Web-based training links:

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