Air Force Medical Readiness Agency

Graphic of Air Force Medical Readiness Agency LogoThe Air Force Medical Readiness Agency assists the Air Force Surgeon General in providing enterprise-level policy development, management and oversight of:

  • medical readiness programs;
  • strategic partnerships;
  • medical capability development;
  • operational medical logistics;
  • dental operations;
  • aerospace and operational medicine liaison to integrated operational medical support capabilities;
  • oversight of the clinical aspects of medical operations in the deployed environment; and
  • support to programs unique to the Air Force mission.

Mission, Vision and Goals

Graphic of the Air Force Medical Service Logo

Ensure medically fit forces, provide expeditionary medics, and deliver Trusted Care to all we serve.

Air Force Warrior Medics...Mission Focused, Excellence Driven.

AFMS Goals
1. Achieve Full Spectrum Medical Readiness
2. Strengthen the Joint Warrior Medical Team
3. Drive AFMS Transformation


An AFMOA / AFMSA "legacy" organization will continue to support the Defense Health Agency through direct support, ensuring the continuity of operations related to the delivery of the health care benefit until DHA has the organizational structure to take administrative control of military treatment facility functional capabilities.

Contact Us

Defense Health Headquarters
7700 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, Virginia 22042