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  • The Game Changers

    On April 4, the 88th Medical Group hosted a unique training opportunity with a pre-release screening of The Game Changers, an evidence based documentary directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos about the effects of a plant-based diet on performance nutrition and health.
  • Former UFC fighter shares plant-based diet benefits with 509th Medical Group

    Consistently over the years, eating healthier has been one of the top New Year’s resolutions in the United States. This year, the 509th Medical Group is working to spread the importance of nutritional awareness, and they started with an advance showing of “The Game Changers” documentary at the Whiteman Air Force Base Theater.
  • AF employs nutrition assessment, improves Airmen’s health

    The Air Force Medical Support Agency health promotions team has employed a new tool to promote healthy food to Airmen. Medically ready Airmen are vital to combatant commanders, and nutrition is a significant part of that mission. The Military Nutrition Environment Assessment tool, or m-NEAT 2.0, assesses the entire nutrition environment at an installation. This assessment helps drive actionable and targeted interventions to allow Airmen to make healthier choices.
  • Air Force diabetes prevention program shows promising results

    With 1 in 3 Americans at risk for diabetes, researchers and health professionals at the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center in San Antonio, found it critical to implement and test the Group Lifestyle Balance program. The GLB program is a diabetes prevention program that was originally developed at the University of Pittsburgh and piloted at seven Air Force bases. The program targets those at risk for developing diabetes, including anyone with elevated blood sugars, metabolic issues, or a family history of diabetes.
  • Nutritional Medicine creates fit to fight Airmen

    It’s no secret that sometimes Airmen can fall behind on their health. Things can get in the way whether it be sickness, personal issues, or just bad luck. Luckily the Airmen at Langley Air Force Base have a clinic to turn to in the time of need to get them back on their feet and fit to fight.
  • Healthy Aging Starts Sooner Than You Think

    While it may not seem like something young Airmen should be concerned about, staying healthy in old age starts with being healthy at a younger age. “By investing time and effort into quality diet and exercise habits, we will prevent future geriatric patients from being as sick and debilitated as they could be,” said Lt. Col. Brande Harris, an