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  • Airman saves infant’s life

    After a long day at work we look forward to coming home to unwind into the familiar routines; picking up kids from daycare or school, coming home to take off our boots and sitting down to have a meal with our families around the table. The last thing anyone would expect is to suddenly need to save a life while in the middle of dinner. But on Oct. 24, for U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Charity Vest, 87th Aerospace Medicine Squadron operational medicine technician, her afternoon went from relaxing at home to a hectic life or death circumstance.
  • Pediatric Nurse speaks up, exemplifies Trusted Care

    Trusted Care is a core component of Air Force medicine. There are nine principles, one of which is speaking up. This is a critical principle, as exemplified by attending pediatric nurse practitioner, Capt. Kelsey Pilcher, in the case of two newborns recently brought into her care.
  • AFMS tradition of family and pediatric medicine

    (This is the second AFMS article for the Military Children's Health Month series)  When the Air Force cares for family members—it is ultimately taking care of the Airman, whether in garrison, on deployment, or at home.  “When Airmen deploy into an uncertain environment, they can count on one thing to remain certain –reassurance that their families