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  • Airmen helping Airmen: Suicide prevention

    Charged with the safety of every American against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, military members are expected to perform in highly stressful environments. Airmen deal with everyday stressors that come with wearing the uniform, and issues that arise both on and off the battlefield.These

  • Green Dot training hopes to decrease interpersonal violence

    Airmen are taking their first steps in a five-year strategy to decrease interpersonal violence across the service by attending Green Dot training.Green Dot is a community-based initiative the Air Force adopted to increase outreach and prevention. The goal is to provide violence-prevention tools to

  • Ft. Meade SAAPM kicks off with over 1,900 joint service runners

    There were over 1,900 joint service members ready to participate in the Sexual Assault, Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) garrison run to help kick off this month’s events April 8, 2016. Throughout the month of April, members form both Ft. Meade and the 70th Intelligence, Surveillance and

  • Green Dot to roll out across the Air Force

    In December, the Air Force announced the Green Dot training program as the first step of a five-year strategy to decrease interpersonal violence across the service. “Green Dot is the Air Force’s first step in arming Airmen for violence prevention using an evidence based public health model,” said