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  • Military Drug Take Back Program Offers Safe Drug Disposal

    Excess prescription and over-the-counter drugs can pose a serious risk in your home. The Military Health System (MHS) is helping the military community fight back against the dangers of unneeded, unused and expired drugs by offering Drug Take Back at military pharmacies in the U.S. “Proper disposal

  • Keeping the mission going, one prescription at a time

    When you think of what a pharmacist does, you somehow envision them sitting on a chair, systematically counting out little white pills, until they have reached the correct amount to fill the bottle.Following is the meet and greet at the customer service window and a briefing on your medication.

  • Get Answers to Your Medication Questions

    Have you ever picked up a prescription, got home and realized you had a question? Maybe you had a headache but weren’t sure how the pain reliever would work with another medication you take? You’re not alone. “Your safety is important to us. Don’t be afraid to call and ask your doctor or pharmacist