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  • Air Force announces artificial intelligence research with MIT

    Beginning this summer, the combined officer and enlisted team representing various Air Force career fields, is expected to work with researchers at MIT to harness the university’s student talent, renowned faculty and state-of-the art facilities and laboratories. The partnership will address a broad

  • Directed energy weapons research a new frontier for Air Force Medicine

    On the battlefield of tomorrow, bullets and bombs will not be the only threat to U.S. military personnel. The rise of directed energy weapons is creating a need to understand the medical effects of these weapons, and Air Force medical researchers are studying these questions.

  • Air Force researchers test deployable oxygen generation

    Air Force medics delivering trauma care in austere environments face many challenges. One dilemma Air Force researchers are working to overcome is the need for a mobile, effective, and safe way to supply medical oxygen to treat patients with severely damaged lung function closer to the point of

  • Air Force researchers develop kidney care for austere environments

    Acute kidney injury is a common side effect of combat injuries. A new device being developed by Air Force researchers from the 60th Medical Group at Travis Air Force Base will treat the life-threatening symptoms of AKI closer to the point of injury, saving the lives of wounded service members. In