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Tag: Maxwell AFB
  • Airman saves life amidst mass shooting

    Lt. Col. Nathaniel Ott, an instructor in Air University’s LeMay Center Joint Integration directorate, was working as an emergency room physician when he heard a “pop” from outside. Ott walked toward the nurses’ station, heard three more distinctive “pop” sounds and stepped outside to see a vehicle with nearby police attempting to assist the driver.
  • Maxwell’s 42nd Medical Group reorganizes to improve military readiness, beneficiary health care

    The 42nd Medical Group reorganized and re-designated two of its squadrons as part of the Air Force’s new medical group reform model.
  • Air Force Scribes program trial at Maxwell

    Have you ever visited the clinic, but felt that the doctor’s attention wasn’t fully on you? Well the 42nd Medical Group Clinic is trying to solve that with the Air Force Scribes program. The Air Force Scribes program brings a third person into the doctor’s office whose only job is to input information into the system so the doctor and patient can speak face – to – face without distractions.
  • Maxwell Airman contributes to saving a life during New Horizons 2018

    You won’t have to look hard to find numerous accounts of heroes who stated their mind went blank during stressful situations and their bringing a person to fall back solely on the training they received whether it be a first-responder, lifeguard or, in this case, U.S. military members.
  • Air Force Surgeon General visits Maxwell

    Air Force Medical Service leaders visited the Maxwell clinic and the Airmen who work there, Feb. 7.
  • Air University hosts Medical Force Development Summit

    Health professionals from across the Air Force, DOD and private industry are meeting at Air University next week to diagnose the educational and training needs of medical Airmen and to offer remedies for any needed changes. Attendees of the Air University Surgeon General Medical Force Development Summit, Oct. 11-14, 2016, will take a holistic as