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  • Nutrition quality key to maximizing immunity

    Proper nutrition is vital to health and wellness, but during the COVID-19 pandemic it is even more important Airmen work to support their immune system through a quality diet.

  • Dietitian keeps Airmen fit to fight

    The building blocks that ensure Airmen are healthy and able to take the fight to the enemy starts with what they put on their plate and in their bodies. The base dietitian provides dietary counsel and offers a variety of sustainable wellness practices to help keep Team Moody fit to fight.

  • The Game Changers

    On April 4, the 88th Medical Group hosted a unique training opportunity with a pre-release screening of The Game Changers, an evidence based documentary directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos about the effects of a plant-based diet on performance nutrition and health.

  • Former UFC fighter shares plant-based diet benefits with 509th Medical Group

    Consistently over the years, eating healthier has been one of the top New Year’s resolutions in the United States. This year, the 509th Medical Group is working to spread the importance of nutritional awareness, and they started with an advance showing of “The Game Changers” documentary at the

  • Project HeRO seeks to improve squadron health habits

    A new Air Force Health and Readiness Optimization program, or HeRO, seeks to partner with squadrons by using data to help Airmen improve health habits that impact readiness.HeRO represents a reboot of Air Force Health Promotion efforts. It is designed to target at-risk squadrons using data and

  • AF employs nutrition assessment, improves Airmen’s health

    The Air Force Medical Support Agency health promotions team has employed a new tool to promote healthy food to Airmen. Medically ready Airmen are vital to combatant commanders, and nutrition is a significant part of that mission.The Military Nutrition Environment Assessment tool, or m-NEAT 2.0,

  • Improve Your Nutrition Habits this March

    Are you ready to put your best fork forward? Celebrate National Nutrition Month this March by learning and applying strategies for healthy eating. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates National Nutrition Month each March to teach people of all ages how good nutrition can lead to a

  • Proper nutrition can help manage diabetes

    Good nutrition is important for any healthy lifestyle, but for diabetics balancing nutrition, activity and medication is vital. Carbohydrates, for example, are nutrients found in bread, milk, starchy vegetables and fruit that turn to sugar in the blood. Other simple carbohydrates found in sweets and