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Officers of the 1934 Alaskan Flight.

1934 Alaskan Flight

Officers of the 1934 Alaskan Flight. Kneeling (L to R) are Capt. John D. Corkille, Capt. Harold M. McClelland, Capt. Ray A. Dunn, Capt. Westside T. Larson, Lt. Ralph A. Snavely, Lt. Nathan F. Twining (not a flight member), Lt. John S. Mills (not a flight member), Lt. Hez McClellan. Standing (L to R) are Lt. Lawrence J. Carr, Lt. Charles B. Howard, Maj. Malcolm C. Grow, Maj. Hugh J. Knerr, Lt. Col. Henry H. Arnold, Maj. Ralph Royce, Lt. John S. Griffith, and Lt. Leonard F. Harman. Of the 16 men shown, 10 went on to become general officers in the Air Force. Lt. Col. Arnold made 5-stars, and was the commanding general of the Army Air Forces during World War II. Twining achieved the rank of general (4-stars) and served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in 1957. Grow, McClelland, Larson, Mills, and Knerr all made major general. Dunn, Snavely, and Carr all became brigadier generals. (Photo courtesy of NARA)

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