2MDG Airmen aim to enhance Trusted Care Anywhere

Air Force Office of Surgeon General Four Pillars

Air Force Office of Surgeon General Four Pillars

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. -- The Air Force Medical Service is working to improve both the warfighter's and their family members health through new innovations in health care.

Lt. Gen. Mark Ediger, Air Force Surgeon General recently said, "Our medical Airmen around the globe provide 'Trusted Care Anywhere' while preparing for future challenges. As a system of health services and mission support, [AFMS] strives for peak readiness and highest reliability in all we do."

Using this statement and the vision of the AFMS, Barksdale's 2nd Medical Group began working on new ways to improve the care provided to its patients.

"We are looking at all of our practices here and are exploring opportunities to serve our customers better," said Col. Ender Ozgul, 2nd MDG commander. "Our focus is on frontline operations and the people who do the work; every Airman, every day, our problem solvers. This helps us with our goal of, zero harm and maximizing value for the patient."

Improvements being made include updated medical treatment plans, up-to-date equipment for training and diagnoses, and reliable access to safe, quality care for customers.

"Some of the improvements we have already implemented, which have not only increased our patients access to care, it has improved our warfighting capability," said Lt. Col. David Dickey, 2nd Medical Operations Squadron. "We have already begun seeing dependents in our Optometry Clinic in addition to the monthly "Code Blue" training with life-like scenarios and training aids, we provide a classroom based course helping Airmen learn new skills for taking personal control of daily demands and struggles, and there are many other ideas we are planning to implement in the coming year."

These past improvements, along with future ones, are not only increasing the total force care provided to Barksdale and its families, they also give medical Airmen new skills for future deployments and supporting the AFMS vision of creating the healthiest and highest performing segment in the Air Force.

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