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Air Force secures additional funding for recruitment incentive programs

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

After being suspended since 2014, the Air Force is reinstating the Enlisted College Loan Repayment Program to align enlistment incentives with sister services and further enhancing its current recruitment strategy.

Potential recruits, regardless of Air Force Specialty Code, may be eligible to apply for ECLRP, which offers repayment plans up to $65,000.

Members must complete training up to 3-skill level in their respective Air Force specialty and be contracted under the ECLRP to receive the benefit. This program will remain open until all annual funds are exhausted.

Additionally, the Air Force Recruiting Service received additional funds for Initial Enlistment Bonuses to continue incentivizing potential recruits and sustain adequate manning in high-demand careers.

Recruits who meet requirements for the ECLRP and an IEB, both incentives can be used, rather than one or the other.

The Air Force Reserve Component also provides eligible enlisted and officer candidates support in alleviating student loan debt through their Student Loan Repayment Program. Once a qualified member completes one year of their six-year enlistment contract, annual payments up to $3,500 per year will be made directly to the lending institution toward the balance of federally-guaranteed student loans.

The SLRP program is currently available to Air Force Reserve civilian, non-prior service accessions and prior-service Airmen, not to exceed $20,000 per individual over their six-year enlistment period. Approval is contingent upon available funding.

The ECLRP and IEB programs were re-examined and approved for reinstatement by the Barriers to Service cross-functional team, which is currently re-valuating existing policy, guidance, resources, and legal authorization.

Additionally, the team is currently executing a comprehensive policy review to identify existing requirements that disqualify many potential Airmen and Guardians from serving and are irrelevant to warfighting.

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