Living overseas? Here’s a handbook to help you explore your TRICARE coverage

TRICARE Overseas Program Handbook cover

Download the TRICARE Overseas Program Handbook to learn more about your TRICARE benefit.

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- Have you and your family recently moved overseas? If so, you’re likely adjusting to new people and new surroundings. You may also have questions about how your TRICARE coverage works overseas. The good news is that the TRICARE Overseas Program Handbook highlights helpful information and resources, so that you can get the care you need.

“Whether you’re a new overseas beneficiary or need a quick reminder about getting care  overseas, the TRICARE Overseas Program Handbook is a resource you can refer to,” said Robert Agnello, deputy chief of the Digital Communications, TRICARE Web and Publications at the Defense Health Agency. “The handbook includes details about how to get care, costs, filing claims, provider types, and much more.”

Here’s a peek at what this handbook can help you learn more about.

1. Your TRICARE Overseas Program coverage options
TRICARE works with International SOS Government Services, Inc. to provide overseas beneficiaries with comprehensive health care coverage through the TRICARE Overseas Program. Depending on your or your sponsor’s status and where you live overseas, you and your family may have a variety of health care coverage options. Some of your options may include:

Adult children may also be eligible for a premium-based plan, like TRICARE Young Adult. Who’s eligible for these coverage options and how do they work? You can find answers to these questions in the TRICARE Overseas Program Handbook.

2. Costs associated with your health plan
When it’s time to get care for yourself or your family, understanding what you’ll pay is important. The “Health Care Options” section of the TOP handbook makes it easy for you to understand how your plan works and what it covers.

The handbook also touches on important TRICARE cost terms, like catastrophic cap, copayment, yearly deductible, and others. If you’d like to learn more about them, check out the “Helpful Terms” sidebar, which you can find on the first few pages of the handbook.

3. New resources available through TOP
Did you know TOP recently launched a new mobile app, MyCare Overseas? The MyCare Overseas app can help you manage your TRICARE benefits. Other new resources highlighted in the handbook include the Beneficiary Support Center and Near Patient Program.

You can also learn about these changes by going to the TOP website or contacting International SOS.

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