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Biomedical Sciences Corps critical to Airman health and readiness

  • Published
  • Air Force Surgeon General Public Affairs
Airmen of the Air Force Biomedical Sciences Corps play a critical role ensuring U.S. forces are medically optimized to support a full range of military operations.

The members who make up the BSC come from 16 medical professions and specialties, making it one of the most diverse corps in the Air Force. To recognize the achievements of the men and women of the BSC, the Air Force designated January 27 through 31 as BSC Week.

“Our BSC members stretch across several scientific, technical and health disciplines,” said Col. Jay Vietas, BSC Director. “The strength of the corps is its diversity. BSC members support Air Force Medicine in and out of the clinic, finding innovative solutions to improve readiness and create a more lethal fighting force.”

Comprised of more than 2,300 officers, 1,000 civilians and 6,800 enlisted members, the BSC includes physical therapists, optometrists, podiatric surgeons, physician assistants, audiologists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, occupational therapists, aerospace and operational physiologists, dietitians, bioenvironmental engineers, public health officers, medical entomologists, pharmacists, biomedical laboratory officers, and health and medical physicists.

BSC members serve at every level in military treatment facilities, major command and headquarter staffs, and deployed locations throughout the world. The broad BSC mission set finds members engaged in research, key leadership roles throughout the Air Force Medical Service and the Defense Health Agency, and assisting in the transition of MTFs to DHA management while fostering integrated support to combatant commanders. BSCs are also embedded in operational units and many BSC specialties are integral to the Expeditionary Medical Support System, or EMEDS, the Air Force’s primary field hospital unit.

BSC officer, enlisted, and civilian members embody the AFMS’s commitment to readiness. Please join the Air Force in celebrating BSC Week and recognizing the contributions of these outstanding professionals who dedicate their careers to delivering Trusted Care, and improving the health and readiness of our Airmen.